Stories of Helping Seniors

My family and I would like to express our thankfulness and appreciation for our home health aide E. My dad and myself are so grateful for all the love, care and 100% she gives in the care for my father. We could not have asked for a better person to assist with the needs of my dads health. We always have peace of mind knowing my dad is in excellent care when E is working with him.
She is exceptional! The best!


You came into our home and made us feel so comfortable. You listened to our concerns and reassured us that we were doing the right thing for our mom, and that you would be there to see us through her final moments. You placed O with us and she fit perfectly. She became one of the family. She never left moms side. For the days that we had her, she was kind and compassionate. She cried with us, she laughed with us, and she ate with our big Italian family. She helped us through our sorrow. We will never forget her.

Thank you,
K, P, and D

I just want to personally thank you again for the services your agency provided for my mom. You, your office staff and your aides were wonderful! I truly appreciate everyone’s patience, support and understanding during this very difficult time.

I Thank You,
- J

To the Team at Victoria’s

The first time I called for information about live in care for my mother in law, I felt that you understood. Everyone I spoke with helped us make the transition from rehab facility to home so easily. Our mom felt safe and well cared for by her live in aide. Even when our mom was having a difficult day, especially understanding things clearly, her live in aide was so supportive. Her live in aide and your team were great and helped us through difficult times. Whenever I called with a issue or question, someone always followed up. You were there to check on her, help her with medication and getting her to the doctors. There was always a phone call to keep us in touch.

We appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. Our moms at rest now with her husband, who she missed so much. She was able to die at home as she wanted, thanks to your help.

God Bless you all,

K & B M

Dear Victoria,

I wanted to write and tell you how important your help has been to my family. You were by our sides during the last stage of my mother’s extended illness, and you were especially helpful to us when she was put in hospice care.

Having you accompany my mother and dad to doctor appointments when we could not be there was very helpful. I live six hours from my parents, and my brother is an hour and a half away too, so it was important for us to have someone we could trust to represent us and give us feedback from the doctor visits. You were the one who suggested the hospice care for my mom when her pain became too much for her and you were the one who helped get it all set up properly. My mother was finally pain free for the last few months of her life after ten years of pain and restless legs. That was a blessing.

You were also very helpful explaining to me the rules about administering medication properly while in hospice care. If you had not told me, I would have not known that the hospice service was required to provide a nurse to administer the medication patches they prescribed when our regular health care service refused to do so, as they were supposed to do according to NJ law. Those patches were absolutely necessary once my mom had trouble swallowing medication.

Your caring attitude and your knowledge of the whole elder care industry has been so enlightening to us. We will continue to count on you to help us keep my father at home as long as possible with his Alzheimer’s disease. He wants to be in his own bed in his own easy chair. Since you will still be there to check up on him and his aide, as well as accompany him on doctor visits, I can rest a little more easily. I will continue to make my month visits and check with you in between.


Brick, NJ

Perfect example of a senior in need of a Geriatric Care Manager:

Recently, an 82-year-old man was hospitalized in a local hospital after having a serious fall in his home. He unfortunately then developed numerous other very serious medical complications, resulting in a transfer to the ICU. The family struggled for days in order to be able to speak with their “Doctor” or actually to be able to identify who that Doctor was. The physician in the community, an Internist, was part of a group of physicians that rotated their hospital visits. The Orthopedist was part of a group of physicians that rotated their hospital visits; the Nephrologist was part of a smaller group of physicians that rotated their hospital visits; the Pulmonologist was part of a larger group of physicians that rotated their hospital visits, and the Gastroenterologist was part of a group of physicians that rotated their hospital visits daily.

The family being elderly as well was distraught over the situation. Mrs. Wife got the attention of someone on the staff, possibly the social worker, who quite admirable printed out pictures of several doctors that were treating the gentlemen. Mrs. Wife then proceeded to carry the computer pages in her pocketbook and try to match the professional in the white coat with the picture. She would have needed more than 30 pages of photographs to be able to really have this system work. This is a true story.

The treatment team was ultimately successful in stabilizing this patient. The patient could be discharged from the hospital to a lesser care setting. However, what was missing? Who was the captain of the ship? Who was responsible for communicating what was occurring to a very caring and scared family? Everyone was so busy saving the life of this man, that no one had time or took the time to keep the loved ones in the loop. Maybe the “team” didn’t know who was to be the leader? Every day, Mrs. Wife would try to speak with whoever she saw, and she did get a little bit of information that way. Unfortunately, not always the same information.

A Care Manager could have helped. One of the key functions that care managers can bring to the health care arena is the ability to improve care coordination by collaborating with all member of the treatment team. This needs to be more than discharge planning. By ensuring effective and efficient collaborating, care managers are able to provide the assistance necessary to reduce frustration, duplication, fragmentation, and confusion among patients, families, and providers. In our increasingly challenging cost containment Medicare world, with shorter hospital stays, multiple medical disciplines being called in for consultation and more community options for short term sub-acute care, the need for someone to help navigate and negotiate the medical maze becomes that much more significant. The day of Marcus Welby, MD no longer exists. Recognizing the need for someone to coordinate and facilitate communication is one sure way to improve the quality of care for hospitalized patients.

Dear Victoria-

I cannot begin to thank you for all the help you gave us during the time of Barbara's operation and illness.

I am very involved with my little sister's well being and it is difficult to see her struggling and hurting. I was so choked up I could not even speak articulately. You did that all for me. You spoke for her. You saw that she received the best of medical care. You explained everything to me and gave me comforting and encouraging thoughts through the entire process.

Thank you for all you do.


Several years ago I was in the difficult position of acting as Power of Attorney for my elderly cousin who suffered from Parkinsons disease. He wished to remain at home and I was fortunate to retain the services of a wonderful caregiver. Unfortunately, the caregiver had no medical background and was uncomfortable managing the myriad of medications and doctor appointments required to treat my cousin.

I was fortunate to be referred to Victoria Cox, of Victoria’s Compassionate Nursing Care. She made a home assessment and made recommendations on how we could make adjustments to make my cousin more comfortable. She was able to interact with the caregiver and the various doctor’s and maintained a very complicated pill box. It was through the combined efforts of Victoria Cox and the caregiver that my uncle was able to remain safely and comfortably at home.

Eventually my uncle’s health declined and he needed to move to a nursing facility. Once again, I relied heavily on Victoria Cox’s expertise and she was able to help me locate an appropriate facility, communicated with all the medical staff and made my uncle’s transition go smoothly.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Victoria’s Compassionate Nursing Care Management to anyone who has an elderly relative or friend who wishes to remain at home, but requires the services of a kind, compassionate nurse.




I want to thank you for all of the great care you gave my Dad over the past year. You were instrumental in enabling my Dad to return home and be able to spend another year with his friends and family. I want to thank you for being there for my Dad and for us during all of the ups and downs. Thank you for all the assistance you have given us as a family when we were not close by. It was invaluable to know that you were there close by when my Dad needed assistance.

It was great getting to know you and may God continue to bless what you do!!

Many blessings,



I just wanted to thank you once again for all your help. Without your guidance, advice and help from your staff, I think we would still be floundering as to how to best care for Mom. I'm so glad that we decided on using your services in deciding how to best care for Mom.

Thank you so very much,


Dear Ms. Neto,

I am writing to express our sincere gratitude for recommending Ms. Victoria Cox, geriatric care manager. When our father was diagnosed with dementia, our family was devastated. As the disease process has progressed so has the challenges we must face to manage his care. We had been to multiple doctors and memory centers but found ourselves overwhelmed and confused. We were in crisis and came to a point of despair, not knowing how, where, when, or what to do. As per your recommendation, we contacted Ms. Cox. Within 24 hours, she met with our family for an initial consultation. Clearly stated, she was nothing short of amazing! In just one visit, she assisted our family in creating a plan of care, gave us valuable resources and contact information, and provided counseling and support. We were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief because we were given clarity and direction in managing our father’s care.

Ms. Cox is an extremely compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable woman. Her extensive nursing background has also been invaluable in dealing with such a devastating and complex diagnosis. Ms. Cox has provided timely and efficient services while maintaining an optimal level of respect, sincerity, and professionalism. It is apparent that providing geriatric care management is not just a “job” for her, but a passion. We feel very fortunate to have Ms. Cox on our “team”. Thank you once again for giving such a wonderful recommendation, she has been a Godsend!


I can’t say enough about the exemplary care we were given by everyone involved in my mother’s case at Victoria’s Compassionate Care. Everyone was so understanding, reassuring and professional. A became a part of the family in the 2 days. Her dedication, gentleness and compassion were more than I could have hoped for.
Thank you all so very much for making a very difficult time easier for all of us. I will (and already have) referred you to anyone that needs home care. God Bless You All!


To Victoria’s Compassionate Care Staff,

As you know, the last few months have been very difficult as I nursed J and watched him eventually succumb to his illness. And as hard as it all was, I was given a gift in the guise of C and S – two amazing professionals who dedicated everything they had to the welfare and comfort of J. It goes without saying that the work they do is demanding and unenviable, but they always did it with ease and a smile – never passing on any kind of burden or stress to J or me.

They never lost sight of J the person. He wasn’t merely a patient to them. These two wonderful women cared for the whole man, which is empirical evidence of their utmost professionalism and kind natures. They tended to his every need – keeping him clean, taking command at medical appointments and while dining out, and yet never forgetting to nourish his spirit too. When J was visited by many friends and family, C and S were ambassadors, greeting all and making everyone comfortable. Of course, as we got closer to the end, they were there to make J’s transition peaceful along with helping his family understand and cope with the inevitable. And it was wonderful for C and S to travel a great distance to J’s wake, never ceasing, even when off the clock, to provide support and comfort. My losing J results in more loss as C and S move on to a new family, who will undoubtedly be blessed by their expertise.

J and I were so grateful to have C and S come into our lives the way they did. These are amazing women and professionals – a testament to the fine people within your organization.

Very Best,

I would like to take this time to thank the whole team at Victoria’s Compassionate Care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassionate care of myself, family and most of all mother. A special thank you to O for all his lovely care he gave my mother in her last days. He truly showed the compassion and empathy that one should show at a time like that. He was wonderful and I would recommend his services 100%.

Thanks again,
J & A W.

To the entire staff of Victoria’s Compassionate Care Management,

In speaking for the aging and far-away relatives of the recently deceased H.E., of which I am one, we are very grateful for the care and assistance that your agency was able to provide for her during the last year of her life. So thank you sincerely for all the aspects of your service.

T.K. (nephew)

Dear V, D, P, T and all the other gals who have helped M and I over the last several months. Thank you!!! Since finding Victoria’s Compassionate last year I cannot say how pleased, grateful, and thankful both M and I are. M, as you know is a 91 year old man who lives alone and has been a friend of my family for many years. I have been helping M out in many capacities during the last several years more than usual and it has been harder and harder to leave him and vacation and spend time with my own family too. I’ve had to travel more frequently lately trying to get my 21 year old daughter into vet school and I have come to rely on you and your incredible team to check in and care for M while I’m gone. I feel less anxious knowing someone is there to help him in my absence. D is always pleasant to talk to and always finds someone to help me out. M adores P. He enjoys her company and is is always thoughtful, even when she herself can’t make it on her scheduled day she brings another girl along to introduce M to them so he is not surprised. P does everything she is asked to with no complaints. When I get back, the house is always tidy and the laundry is done and M is happy! Thanks P, you are AWESOME!! We’ve just met T this week and M is telling me how she is winning him over at cards, and that’s always a great sign, thanks T!!

I want to thank V for having such a great team, you really are a compassionate group. THANKS!!! We will definitely recommend your services if anyone ever asks, you are more than welcome to use me as a reference tool.


To Victoria’s Compassionate Care,

On behalf of my brother and my sisters, I would like to extend my heartfelt Thank You for the services you provided to my mother, M.A.

J.H. was an absolute godsend and worth her weight in gold. She took extremely good care of my mother and her presence was so welcome. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Thank you again!


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